For Clinicians

If you are a private OT practitioner…

RTCRTC acknowledges that there are many specialized occupational therapy practitioners who are providing private or home based therapy for their clients and sometimes it is not conducive to perform assessments and rehabilitation in the client’s home due to limited therapy modalities.

RTC is able to provide the venue and equipment for you to conduct your targeted treatment for your client in the comfort of a well-equipped gym with a cognitive room, a wheelchair assessable kitchen and accessible bathroom. RTC also has computer-based software and virtual reality programs for motor and cognitive retraining.

Looking for a venue to conduct a workshop, training session?

RTC’s gym can be converted into an ideal place for workshops and training sessions. 30-50 participants can be comfortably seated with a computer and overhead projector for training purposes. Physical rehabiliation workshops can also be conducted using RTC’s equipment and facilities.

RTC is able to assist in the coordination of food and beverages and logistics as well.

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