Our Treatment Strategies

Treatment StrategiesOnce a client has been assessed, RTC occupational therapist will plan a targeted treatment sessions. These sessions may include one or more of the following strategies:

  • Developing or restoring a client’s ability e.g strengthening the upper limb
  • Compensating for the client’s difficulties to allow them to perform at a level they are satisfied with.
  • Stabilise the client’s decline using strategies to allow the client to function at their optimal level for as long as possible in cases like dementia.
  • Prevention of other complications which could occur due to client’s health status.
  • Educating the client and/or their caregivers to assist and care for them with considerations of safety for all parties.

RTC also provides specialized treatment for clients with neurological conditions like stroke using the Neuro Developmental Treatment Approach (NDT), which consists of a holistic assessments and treatments. The focus is on assisting clients to regain physical movement and control of their limbs through targetted daily activities / exercise.